Disc FX system


The Disc-FX® System is an innovative, minimal access spine system designed to efficiently access the damaged disc without injury to surrounding disc anatomy. Disc-FX® permits multiple treatment options compared to other ‘single treatment’ devices in the marketplace. Disc-FX® features a patented navigational device called Trigger-Flex® Bipolar System which was specifically designed to access and treat the diseased portion(s) of the disc. The Trigger-Flex® emits a specific form of Radiowave energy used since 1950 in delicate surgical procedures. Unlike any other surgical energy source, the patented Radiowave energy pioneered by Ellman produces specific tissue effects to modulate the predetermined ‘pain generating’ aspect(s) of the disc.


  • Minimal Access Procedure
  • Out-Patient Procedure
  • Short Procedure Time
  • Minor Skin Incision
  • Multiple Treatment Options
  • Target Access to Damaged (Diseased) Area
  • Can Treat Multiple Disc Levels
  • Early Anticipated Return to Normal Activities


Item Code Quantity Lenght Order
Disc-FX Minimally Invasive Spine System DFX 1 8” (20,3 cm)  
Spine Needle 16g DFX-N6 Box of 10 pcs 8” (20,3 cm)  
Spine Needle 18g DFX-N8 Box of 10 pcs 8” (20,3 cm)  


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