Radio-frequency thermoablation is used in the treatment of chronic pain of the thoracic, cervical and lumbar spine in cases where the pertinent diagnosis on the spine confirms one of the following sources of pain: the facet joints, damaged intervertebral discs or the sacroiliac joint. By using electromagnetic waves the nerves causing the perception of pain are heated and eliminated. A special radiofrequency electrode introduces an electric current at the frequency of radio waves to the affected tissue. A high temperature of 80 to 85 °C is created at the electrode's tip, which destroys the targeted nerve. This breaks the transmission of pain information to the brain and significantly reduces or eliminates the perception of pain.


The operation is performed on the abdomen and under local anaesthesia, thus it is painless and extremely easy for the patient. The guide needle and the radiofrequency electrodes are introduced under the careful control of an x-ray projection. The effective relief represents a break in the pain pathways from the affected joint to the brain. Suitable physiotherapy is recommended to improve the joints themselves.



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