The innovative minimally invasive Disc-FX procedure is indicated for patients with symptomatic partial herniation of a lumbar intervertebral disc where conservative management has not been successful and they are not yet candidates for endoscopic surgery. The pain manifests itself at the lower back with or without propagation into the lower extremities. The cause of pain is a displaced disc which irritates spinal nerves. During surgery, a special needle that serves as a working channel is introduced into the damaged disc. Then, a part of the degenerated tissue is removed with the needle from the disc's core. Subsequently, the disc is sealed using a radiofrequency probe to decrease the risk of the repeated herniation. Finally, pathological nerves at the back of the disc are destroyed with the help of thermal radiofrequency.


Surgery is conducted under continuous surveillance by an X-ray device that enables precise visualisation in real time. Work is done only on the damaged disc, which minimizes the risk of harm to the neighbouring tissues. This minimal access procedure is performed on an out-patient basis, under local anaesthesia and lasts from 20 to 60 minutes.


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