Innovative technologies for interventional medicine

  • Minimally invasive procedures
    • safe, the ultimate in painless procedures
    • controlled using X-ray and ultrasound
    • targeted treatment of the source of the pain
  • Endoscopic procedures
    • one-day surgery regimen
    • under the control of X-rays and video navigation
    • benefits of procedures compared to conventional surgery:
      • lower risk of nerve damage
      • less formation of epidural fibrosis
      • faster recovery and return to work
      • lower incidence of infections
      • minor surgical incision and surgical trauma

Dynamic Medical Solution s.r.o.Dynamic Medical Solution a.s. is a company involved in the distribution of specialised medical equipment intended primarily for the medical field of interventional pain management. Our portfolio includes tools and instruments used in minimally invasive endoscopic procedures on the spine, from a wide spectrum of epidural needles and catheters, through radiofrequency cannula and electrodes to specialised catheters for working in the epidural space.

Our goal is to systematically seek out and distribute high-quality and innovative products designed for a precise diagnosis and effective techniques for the treatment of pain. The distribution of cutting edge technology to clinical workplaces means we significantly support the development and dissemination of new methods of interventional pain treatment on a European scale. 

We work with the manufacturers of the most advanced health technologies from around the world and always focus on choosing the most up-to-date medical devices. We choose tools that allow all the procedures to be performed in an accurate and safe manner and with an emphasis on their ergonomics.  We pay attention to the composition of the materials so they are friendly to humans and the environment. All these aspects are a guarantee of superior service provided to patients and working comfort for the medical and healthcare teams. Our advantage is systematically controlled logistics and fast product delivery including a comprehensive cost-effective solution of deliveries for the utmost satisfaction of all our clients.


Cooperating healthcare facilities

During the many years we have been working as an established distribution company on the medical market in the field of interventional pain management, we have made long-term business partnerships and active cooperation with a number of hospitals and clinical departments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


  • General University Hospital in Prague
  • University Hospital Olomouc
  • Clinics for Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Back Treatment EuroPainClinics
  • University Hospital with the J. D. Roosevelt Polyclinic, Banská Bystrica
  • Polyclinic Terasa, Košice
Epimed AMS Group Vertical Elliquence Metrum Cryoflex EuroPainClinics


The product portfolio of DMS Sverige reflects the most demanding technological and medical requirements for carrying out innovative minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures on the spine. We offer a wide range of high-tech medical tools and products from renowned manufacturers, whose proven quality, maximum reliability and absolute consideration and safety for patients are a guarantee of effective treatment for chronic pain and their unique properties traditionally rank them among the top products used by endoscopic surgeons and intervention specialists around the world.


Clinical studies

The product portfolio Dynamic Medical Solution has at its disposal includes equipment and medical devices of the highest standards. These products are used during medical procedures that are the subject of numerous clinical trials. Two clinical trials are currently underway, their aim is to compare the effect of different treatments:

  • Cryoablation vs Radiofrequency ablation of Medical Nerve Branches of Dorsal Roots Crossing Z Joints ID: NCT04684303 A prospective observational clinical study. Comparison of the efficacy of treatment with radiofrequency thermoablation and radiofrequency cryoablation denervation of facet joints.
  • Prospective Comparison Between Epiduroscopy Procedure, Racz Catheter Procedure and Caudal Epidural Block in Patient With FBSS ID: NCT04686903 A prospective observational clinical study. Prospective comparison of interventional spinal pain management techniques: 1. epiduroscopy, 2. epidural adhesiolysis with navigable catheter (Racz catheter) and 3. pressure caudal blockade

Completed studies - find out more:

  • A Randomized, Multicenter, Double-Blind, Parallel Pilot Study Assessing the Effect of Mechanical Adhesiolysis vs Adhesiolysis with Corticosteroid and Hyaluronidase Administration into the Epidural Space During Epiduroscopy Pain Med 2018 Jul 1;19(7):1436-1444. doi: 10.1093/pm/pnx328. LINK:

Research and innovation

The range of medical devices and technologies is systematically expanded in connection with long-term ongoing technological research. One of the current research projects is being carried out in cooperation between METRUM CRYOFLEX, a European manufacturer of medical devices and equipment for cryotherapy, pressotherapy, ozone therapy and laser medicine, and EuroPainClinics, a European network of specialised centres for minimally invasive and endoscopic back treatment. The research’s scope takes in developing a new generation of cryosurgical probes for cryoablation of the knee joint.

Expert articles


Our distribution company offers you perfect service and a number of benefits:
Technical support
• A direct line to DMS SK and DMS CZ representatives
• Service guaranteed directly by the manufacturer
• Full replacement in the event of a malfunction
• Free loan of equipment
• Discounts when ordering in bulk
• Free individual training
• Medical service by cooperating experts

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